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Crying the Neck














The Prayer given before Cutting the Neck:


“O God, who dost shower upon us the abundance of Thy Mercy, and cast upon the seed which we have sown in the ground, at one time the heat of the sun, at another the moisture of the rain, so that it should thrive and shoot forth and from it be grown finally the corn, the last ears of which are now to be cut and lifted up with a cry of gladness after the custom of our forefathers; we thank Thee for these great blessings beseeching Thee thus to continue to show to us Thy loving kindness, that our land may yield us its increase in all years as heretofore, to Thy glory and our comfort, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”.


Words after cutting the Neck:


The cutter cries at the top of his voice

“I have`n! I have`n! I have`n!”


The assembly shouts

“What ave ee? What ave ee? What ave ee?”


The cutter responds

“A Neck! A Neck! A Neck!”


and everybody shouts

“Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!”


Prayer in Cornish


A Dhew, Nep usy ow tenewy warnch lanwes a’th tregereth, ha scullya war an has genen re be gorrys y’n dor a’n yl torn tomder an howl ha treveth aral glybor an glaw, may halla sowyny hag egyna ha dyworto bos tevys oteweth an ys, anodho a vyth treghys y’n ur-ma an dewetha pennow, ha drehevys yn ban gans garm lowen herwyth gys agan hendasow: Ny a wor dhyso mur ras a’n bennothow bras-ma, orth dha bysy a besya ow tysquedhes yndella dhyn dhe gerensa, agan tyr may hallow dascor dhyn pup bledhen-oll y encressyans kepar ha kens, dhe’th whordhyans-sy ha dh’agan confort-nyny:

Dre Jesus Cryst agan Arluth. Amen


The cutter cries at the top of his voice

“yma genef! yma genef! yma genef!”


The assembly shouts

“Pandr’us genes? Pandr’us genes? Pandr’us


The cutter responds

“Pen Yar! Pen Yar! Pen Yar!”


and everybody shouts

– “Houra! Houra! Houra!”

2018 Events

























Change of date


Madron Crying the Neck is on Friday 31st August at Boswarthen Farm at 6.30pm.

Pasty supper afterwards at Madron Wesleyan Chapel.

All welcome.









Redruth Old Cornwall Society  Crying the Neck Ceremony  Friday 17th. August  Illogan  Redruth  7pm. on the field & short service followed by pasty supper at Bridge Chapel, Bridge Illogan

Signposted from Illogan.

Further info :- Vanessa Moyle   01209 211469        vanessamoyle@aol.com  







St Columb


On Monday September 10th 2018, St Columb Old Cornwall Society will be continuing the ancient tradition of 'Crying the Neck' when the last 'stook' of corn is cut followed by a short prayer in Cornish and in English. Meet at the Church steps in St Mawgan Village at 6.30pm for the ceremony followed by the Church Service in St Mawgan Church and afterwards the traditional pasty supper and entertainment in St Mawgan Village hall. Parking is available behind the school. Anyone needing transport please meet at the Bowling Club, West Street, St Columb Major at 6.15pm. Cost for entertainment and supper with pasty £5, without pasty £3. All are welcome.






St Ives OCS


Yesterday it was confirmed that St Ives Old Cornwall Society Crying the Neck will be held a week on Wednesday the

8th August.


A direction map is being produced but there will be directional signposts put up for the day and anyone who wishes to meet us at Zennor Village hall beforehand can go in convoy with others.


Please let me know if you need further information.


Val Thomas





St Just and Pendeen OCS


St Just and Pendeen Old Cornwall Society will be holding their annual 'Crying the Neck' Ceremony on FRIDAY,31st AUGUST, 2018 at 6.30 p.m.


The venue will be at JOPPA, just outside St Just.   From St Just you take the Land's End Road, the B3306 and go through Keylynak.  A short way along is a turning to JOPPA and the field will be on the left just past Joppa Kennels.  


Coming from the A30 at Crows an Wra turn right passing Chapel Carn Brea on you left.     At the junction with the B3306 turn right, with the aerodrome on your left.    You will pass a turning to left to Nanquidno, and a short way long take the turning to the right to Joppa.


All are welcome to this special Ceremony.   Pasties will be on sale.  


We look forward to seeng you.



Pamela Winterbourne


01736 786140




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